Microsoft 365 Email Signature Manager for Outlook

Centrally Create and Manage Office 365 Email Signatures via the Cloud

We are Australia and New Zealand’s exclusive partner for Rocketseed’s Microsoft 365 Email Signature Manager for Outlook (formerly Office 365), which puts you in complete control of your organisation’s email signatures.

Our Microsoft 365 solution works within the same Azure Cloud environment as your Microsoft 365, offering the flexibility and security you’re used to without the need to purchase additional hardware. To maximise your investment, it also comes packed with vital marketing and IT features such as built-in analytics and reporting, user-friendly UI, fully customisable branding, local 24/7 support, and more.

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Key Features

Rocketseed is a features-packed email signature management platform designed to deliver an easy-to-use solution that is secure, 100% on-brand and driven by data.


Achieve brand consistency and compliance with centralised signature control.

Fully customisable HTML signature or choose from a range of templates.

Customisable signatures by department, job title, and individual.

Create and manage dynamic, personalised email disclaimers.


Target, schedule and automate email banner campaigns.

Measure engagement with one-click Google Analytics UTM tracking codes, and built-in tracking and reporting.

Integration with one-click signature surveys and CRM.

Time-saving automation features.


Intuitive browser-based UI, no software downloads required.

Secure IT cloud or on-premise solutions.

Protected by a secure SMTP connection and TLS encryption.

Local, 24/7 IT Support for Australia and NZ customers.

How Does it Work?

Rocketseed works via an easy-to-use browser interface which puts you in the control seat. Simply log on – no downloads required – and start creating senders, grouping your people into teams, assigning details, building your signatures and applying tracking codes.

When ready to send, compose an email as normal and when you click ‘send’, connectors and transport rules in Microsoft 365 route your email to the secure Rocketseed on-shore server which applies your branded signature. The fully-branded email is then resubmitted to Microsoft 365 for sending via a closed SMTP loop.

Advanced Signature Creation

With Rocketseed’s fully customisable email signatures and banners, you’ll never have to sacrifice your brand. Not sure what to do? Our in-house experts can help create a fully on-brand design to match your needs, or choose from our pre-designed templates to help you get started.

Rocketseed uses HTML with images embedded directly into Outlook, so your signatures and banners always display perfectly to the recipient – no matter their device or email client.

Smart Campaign Banners

Every email is a window to your brand and a critical marketing opportunity. With Rocketseed’s easy to implement marketing campaign banners, you can make the most of every email by promoting your products, services and specials in stylish top or bottom email banners.

Rocketseed’s banners can be fully targeted, scheduled and automated to always reach the right audience at the right time. Plus, with built-in reporting tools on clicks and engagements, you’ll always have clear visibility on how they are performing.

Integrations & CRM Features

Rocketseed supports a host of third-party integrations and fully integrates with Google Analytics and Salesforce.

person working on a laptop

Google Analytics

Using Rocketseed, you can quickly auto-populate the Google Analytics UTM code on each URL or link used in your signatures and banners.

This allows you to monitor all click-throughs and track conversions on your website, so you have a complete picture of recipient behaviour and email signature marketing success.


By integrating Rocketseed with Salesforce, you can automatically convert email signature and banner campaign click-through engagement to Salesforce leads.

Emails sent directly from Salesforce can also carry your branded banners and signatures.

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Third-Party Integrations

Rocketseed is designed to be easy to use.

That means it can integrate with a variety of third-party systems, allowing you to easily feed click-data into your other vital web applications and marketing tools.

Sender Data Sync

Thanks to Rocketseed’s user-friendly browser interface, it’s easy to update sender details, social media icons and individual user photos with just the click of a button.

Plus, users with Azure AD or Google Directory can synchronise their sender data directly to our interface to automatically populate employee signature details. Need to make small changes on an ad hoc basis? Access the Rocketseed interface to add and update sender details whenever required.

Choose Your Plan

Whether you’re a small group of 50 senders taking those first steps towards being a medium enterprise or you’re a fully fledged organisation with hundreds – if not thousands – of people, at Parrot Digital we have a plan to suit your needs.

For a rundown on our plans, see our Plans page at the button below. Or, to speak with our friendly team about a personalised quote, get in touch with us.

One-on-One Service

Your unique business requires a unique touch, which is why we offer a one-on-one account management service – the only email signature management company to do so in Australia. We assign a dedicated Account Manager to each of our clients with 50+ senders to walk them through everything they need to know to maximise their Rocketseed investment: onboarding, training, analysing data, you name it.

Got questions about your service or need support? Simply phone up your dedicated point person, set up a Zoom call, or email them. By dealing with one individual each time, your Account Manager will learn your business and its unique needs to be able to better help you the longer you work together.

Security Features

The safety of your emails and data is our number one concern. Our Microsoft 365 email signature solution is protected by multiple layers of security using the latest techniques, with all components thoroughly reviewed and tested on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood an incident may occur.

All components are reviewed and penetration tested on a regular basis.

Access to the underlying server is controlled via SSH.

We don’t store any emails – they pass through our server in under one second.

ISO27001-certified data centres configured with industry-standard firewall software.

Host Rocketseed behind your own firewall where desired.

Maintain security with granular role-based access levels.

All emails are TLS-encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

Regularly scheduled backups ensure no data is at risk.

Five-star Capterra rating.

Reporting and Analytics

Rocketseed gathers email marketing analytics on every branded email you send, and every recipient interaction with it. This allows you to measure the metrics that matter, and generate instant reports in a variety of formats, giving you the valuable, actionable insights you need to maximise your investment.

  • Real-time click alerts.
  • Last seven-day key stats.
  • Monthly key numbers reporting.
  • In-depth analysis of campaign performance.
  • One-click Google Analytics UTM tracking codes and built-in reporting.

Why Choose Rocketseed?

So, at Parrot Digital, why did we choose Rocketseed for our Microsoft 365 email signature solution? Rocketseed is one of the top email signature platforms in the world, with 15 years’ experience, a network of global offices, and a history of success helping brands achieve their marketing goals. Comparing the software’s history with its market-leading features, we firmly believe it is the best choice for Australia and New Zealand companies both large and small.

Our support team is here and ready to speak with you about Rocketseed, how its features can help your organisation, and to show you a demonstration. To get started on your journey, get in touch with us today.