Email Banners

Complete On-brand Creativity

Email banners offer the perfect email showcase for your marketing creativity. Everything from consistent branding and key advertising campaign messages to sign-ups and surveys can be creatively displayed on email banners, with the ability to run multiple targeted campaigns at any one time.

Most importantly, high-profile clickable calls-to-action delivering trackable direct response so you can measure the effectiveness of every banner and your campaign ROI. First impressions count, and nothing makes an immediately engaging impact like a Rocketseed  email banner.

Central Campaign Control

Email banners are prime promotional space that you can position flexibly, target precisely and integrate easily into your current branded marketing campaign.

Our easily configurable rules system enables you to precisely segment, target and schedule your campaign by assigning specific email banners to certain employees and recipients, ensuring that the right banner message reaches the right user, at the right time. And with central control, you can also update all your banners instantly to feature your up-to-the-minute tactical messages.

Banner Exposure & Rotational Control

Run multiple targeted campaigns at any one time.

Rocketseed offers full control over the rotation, frequency and targeting of banners it places in emails. Multiple campaigns can be applied on rotation, with the option to prioritise key campaigns to increase the number of impressions delivered when required.

Build your next campaign with email banners

Drive Qualified Leads

Continually drive high quality leads into your sales funnel by applying sales and marketing banners to every employee email, showcasing your latest product and service offers.

Rocketseed enables you to deliver targeted messaging, taking your contacts through the customer journey to conversion, as well as up-selling and/or cross-selling to existing customers. These clicks are all tracked and can be viewed in our reporting system, or pushed into your CRM as new leads.

Internal Branding

Getting your employees on-board and on-brand is imperative and banners on all internal email communications can help make every employee an effective brand ambassador.

Each email sent employee-to-employee presents an opportunity to share your internal comms news, company announcements, marketing updates, onboarding practices, HR policies and more, keeping staff involved, engaged and enthused. Crucially, internal email banners can promote key brand values and help ensure consistency both in employees’ email branding and their attitude and performance as brand ambassadors.

Email Banner Placement

With Rocketseed’s template editor you can easily configure your email layout to your specific requirements. For instance, you can place marketing and branding banners at the top or bottom of your email content or even incorporate multiple banners into a single design.

Our in-depth testing ensures that your banner(s) are correctly placed, not only in your original email but also in subsequent replies and forwards, with the option to apply your banner(s) only on the first email in a chain if preferred.

Image Map Support

Image maps let you create as many clickable areas within your banner design as you want and offer full tracking capabilities.

This means that, in addition to the ability to run multiple calls-to-action, your email banners are the ideal way to engage recipients through mini-surveys and rating scales.

Landing Pages

Rocketseed can host landing pages for email campaigns that you don’t want to add to your primary website.

Our landing pages also support simple forms and surveys that can turn your everyday emails into feedback and data collection points.

Automation & Targeting Rules

Automatically launch highly segmented, targeted email banner campaigns based on specific dates or trigger events. Rocketseed’s segmentation capabilities enable you to present different customers based on their activity.

Banner campaigns can be applied according to who is sending or receiving the email, and what the recipient’s actions are, enabling you to re-target customers with follow-on messages, alleviating the burden of planning complex marketing communication campaign flows.

Email Banners Automation and Targeting Rules

CRM Integration

Automatically capture all of your email data – for both new and existing customers – into salesforce CRM and boost the effectiveness of your email sales process.

Rocketseed is an accredited Salesforce partner and integrates automatically vis the Rocketseed Salesforce App.

Automated Contact List Collection

When your team emails someone, Rocketseed List Builder automatically captures the new customer email address.

This data can then be uploaded to any bulk mail tool such as RocketMailer, and users on the list can automatically be sent invitations to get them to opt in for further communication.

Marketing Automation Third Party Integration

Achieve perfect synchronization between Rocketseed and your existing marketing automation platform. Rocketseed’s platform is integrated to help your marketing automation system deliver the right message in the right context, to your customer.

We offer a range of bespoke upstream and downstream integrations solutions that have proven successful with large brands.

Analytics and Reporting


Know who in your team is communicating most effectively, and leverage these insights to further grow your business. Rocketseed analytics helps you measure the success of your campaigns and monitors the impact of your marketing.

You can view your reporting inside your Rocketseed account, or link your reporting data to the third-party reporting platform of your choice.

Email Signature Banner Analytics

Real-Time Reporting

Our web based reporting tool automatically tracks every clicked brand link and reports in real time to your sales team.

This provides live data ranging from how many emails your business sends, to what is engaging your customers by showing which campaigns they’re clicking.

De-personalise Receiver Details

Rocketseed offers the ability to anonymise all click data. For organisations, or regions where the collection of an individual’s behavioural data (click data) is prohibited without the permission of the user, Rocketseed supports depersonalisation.

This ensures that in accordance with these laws, all data will still be collected, but that you will not be able to tie that data back to an individual. The click data will still appear in all reports, and is still extremely useful in establishing trends and increasing email marketing effectiveness.

Power-up your emails. Brand them with Rocketseed banners.