G Suite  Signature  Manager

Centrally Manage Gmail Email Signatures via the Cloud – using Rocketseed

Rocketseed’s G Suite Email Signature Manager puts you in complete control of your Gmail Signatures.

Using Rocketseed’s G Suite Email Signature Manager you are in complete control of your Gmail signatures. You can centrally manage your corporate email signatures, ensuring brand consistency and offering ‘work from anywhere’ flexibility and security without the need to purchase any additional hardware.

Our browser-based user interface lets you centrally create and manage email signatures for any user in your organisation sending email from any device. You can apply it to single users to begin with and then to everyone within the entire organisation when you are ready.

With Rocketseed for G Suite you can…

  • Give all or some employees using G Suite an on-brand professional and promotional signature on every email they send from any device.
  • Centrally control all G Suite signatures through our browser-based interface, requiring no installations or downloads.
  • Assign different email signatures to different brands, departments and individuals, as well as introducing different signatures for internal and external mail. Also in the works are different signatures for new and existing mail chain emails.
  • Embed images directly in your signatures so they always display perfectly to the recipient, and also centrally add individual user photographs to make your signatures even more personal.
  • Design your signature using our custom signature editor or brief our design services for a bespoke design for your brand.
  • Make your company wide signatures a high-value marketing channel by adding precision-targeted marketing campaign banners with clickable calls to action.
  • Keep your company signatures legally compliant by easily adding dynamic disclaimers.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your G Suite signatures are completely compatible with all email clients and devices and are always kept super-secure.

Drive engagement through every email with Rocketseed

How it Works

Rocketseed G Suite Signature Manager is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface…simple!

Internet mail connectors within your G Suite environment enable your mails to route through the Rocketseed cloud for branding.

G Suite – It’s better with Rocketseed

Of course you could simply use G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) built in signatures. But, when it comes to creating and managing email signatures, G Suite on its own has serious limitations. For example:

  • Gmail removes your entire <style> block if it encounters an error
  • Gmail displays an image download icon over large unlinked images
  • Gmail automatically converts phone numbers and URLs to links
  • Gmail’s DOCTYPE can create extra space under images
Google - G Suite

So, G Suite is better with Rocketseed Signature Manager…

External + Internal Signatures
Field Stripping (no empty cells)
Google Analytics Reporting
Signatures Per Department
Photo Signatures
Branding ControlRocketseed
Rotational Campaigns
Sender/Receiver Segmentation
Campaign Scheduling
Subject Keywords
Behavioural Tag Rules
Selection of referenced/embedded images
Mobile Device Compatible
Multiple concurrent banners
Dynamic Headers / Footers
Tracking / Reporting
Google Analytics Reporting
Multiple Links / URL Maps
Click Alerts / Notifications
Tracker Tagging
Flexibility on banner placement
Internal branding
Signature Example
Basic click tracking
Excel data extraction
Campaign Report (pdf)
List builder report
Automated reports
Instant click Alerts
AD Integration
CRM Integration
Document delivery & tracking
Cloud Based
Granular Permissions
Foreign Language Support

 Benefits & Features

Complete Control

Rocketseed gives you complete control, so you can centrally create, update and manage all of your organisation’s G Suite email signatures from any web-enabled device. This control, coupled with tamper-proof signature security, ensures brand consistency across all employee email and lets you apply bulk updates to organisation-wide.

Ultra-intuitive User interface

The Rocketseed Signatures for G Suite interface is intuitive and user-friendly in the same way as it is for exchange email signature management, so email signature management need no longer be the preserve of your IT administrators and can become a valuable branded marketing channel.

Super-secure Signatures

The Rocketseed Cloud hosted branding appliances are kept up to the most recent patch level for the operating system, and the internal software undergoes security audits and thorough penetration testing on a regular basis.  All email conversations are conducted via secure TLS encrypted communication and the user interface has granular role-based access levels, using secure (https) connections.

Sharp Design

Design can make all the difference to email signature impact and engagement. With Rocketseed you can design your Office 365 corporate signature from one of our templates, without needing any html experience. Or let our design service take that on for you to create the perfect bespoke signature. Rocketseed also ensures your signature designs stay sharp by automatically removing empty fields.


It’s easy to introduce segmentation rules that allow you to assign certain signature formats to specific sender group, be they different departments or even individuals.

Completely Compliant

Add legal disclaimers to every email to keep your organisation compliant, with dynamic fields enabling you to automatically add sender and recipient details.

Mobile Optimised

Rocketseed G Suite signatures are mobile optimised, performing perfectly when sent from or received on mobile devices. We test, test and test some more across a range of devices.

Get a company-wide signature with Rocketseed for G Suite