Solutions for Customer Service

The insight and tools to optimise your customer service performance

The Rocketseed platform offers a variety of tools and solutions to help you evaluate and optimise your organisation’s customer service.

By placing engaging banners and media into every single one-to-one email sent between employees and to customers, you can not only communicate offers and promotional messages, but also assess the performance of your staff through one-click surveys.

Rocketseed offers a wide range of solutions for the management of customer service teams and the achievement of customer service success.

Customer Feedback

Rocketseed banners can be configured to carry one-click surveys, giving customers the opportunity to rate the service they receive using a 1 to 5 star grading. The banners have an exceptionally high conversion rate and provide real-time rating data for staff performance, and any low rankings can instantly trigger escalation emails to managers.

Employee Performance

One-click surveys can be used internally for the peer-to-peer review process, with banners running for short periods every month throughout the year to provide you with a holistic peer-to-peer KPI score, which can become part of ongoing employee performance monitoring.

Lifecycle Campaigns

Additional campaigns can be triggered at any point during communication with the client, reflecting responsive customer service. Triggers can be time based, or based on an employee or client action. The campaigns can push clients to web-based channels, or to tailored email journeys, which increase their propensity to buy.

Customer Data Capture & Reporting

We capture every open, read, click and send – a goldmine of data that can be harvested for insights into how to optimise your customer service process and teams’ performance. The data can also be used to build mature customer profiles for future campaigns and targeting.

Increase the efficiency of your customer service teams.