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Gain valuable insights through email marketing analytics

Email Marketing Analytics

However professional your design, compelling your copy or clickable your call-to-action, the proof of your email branding’s performance is in the results – and that means data!

Rocketseed email marketing analytics gather data on every branded email you send and every recipient interaction with it, measuring the metrics that matter. Our reporting then makes this data available to you in multiple ways so that you can easily measure performance and mine actionable insights to fine-tune your email branding campaigns to meet your business objectives and drive further ROI.

Real results and ROI – Our signatures mean business

So which email marketing metrics are important to track and measure?

Unlike traditional email marketing where even eye-catching subject lines can result in relatively low open rates, your everyday business email is almost always opened. Therefore by applying Rocketseed signatures and banners to every business email you send, your marketing messages are immediately benefiting from a 99% email open rate.

Interaction and effect are the most meaningful measurements and the key performance metrics are therefore focused on recipient click-through and email marketing conversion rates and how these can be attributed to specific senders, recipients and campaign formats.

How do you calculate click through rate for email?

Clickthrough rate is the percentage of recipients who click on one or more or the links featured in a branded email, and is easy to calculate:-

(Total clicks OR unique clicks/Number of delivered emails) X 100

For example:

500 total clicks/10,000 delivered emails = 5% click through rate.

When comparing beween email branding campaigns or over time, you should be consistent in using either total clicks or unique clicks.

How do you measure email conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link featured in a branded email and completed a desired action, e.g. signing up for a newsletter.

(Number of people who completed the desired action/Number of total emails delivered) X 100

For example:

400 people who completed the desired action/10,000 total emails delivered X 100 = 4% conversion rate.

Conversion rate is key to assessing whether you are achieving your goals.

Reporting Options

Rocketseed presents your email marketing analytics in a variety of report formats, ranging from campaign overviews to specific email marketing metrics, for any date range and any campaign, with options to view in spreadsheet and/or graphic formats.

Our email marketing report options include:

Email Flow Report

Shows detailed information relating to emails flowing through the server during the date range selected and allows you to monitor live activity. This summary shows; date received, subject line, sender and receiver.

Key Numbers Report

Shows key campaign statistics including number of senders, number of templates used and real response rate, making it great for a general overview and to check the total clicks from your email branding.

Top Email Senders

Shows the top 50 email senders during the specified time period. Can be used to see your top email senders and decide whether more of your key emails should be branded.

Template Performance Report

Shows the number of times a branded template has been used, unique receiver and click ratio for each. Great for a quick overview of the success of your email banners.

Click Tracking Report

Shows which templates have been clicked during a specified time period, including who the email was from, to, time sent and time clicked.

Detailed Marketing Report

Shows detailed information on all emails sent, clicked, date and time of click, and allows you to filter this information as required.

Campaign Report

Gives the option to select an amalgamation of the reporting figures you need.

Google Analytics Integration

Rocketseed integrates fully with Google Analytics allowing you to monitor campaign click performance and track conversions.

When recipients click on your email branding – signatures and banners, they are directed to your specified URL, which is tracked and recorded in Rocketseed and your Google Analytics account.

By also integrating Rocketseed with your marketing automation, you can follow recipients’ behaviour and change your messaging to improve your click-through and email marketing conversion rate.

Live Alerts

Click throughs can also be set to trigger a live alert. So, for example, if a recipient clicks through to a product launch offer, then the sales team can be alerted in real-time.

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