Solutions  for  Marketing

Solutions for Marketing

Unlock the power of email and open a new media channel for your organisation

Rocketseed utilises the most widely-used business communication tool, email – the one-to-one everyday emails that your customers and employees send to each other – to provide two new valuable opportunities for your marketing efforts.

The first opportunity gives you control and centralises all email branding and signatures, ensuring that your brand is always presented consistently and professionally in every email sent from your organisation. Explore Internal Marketing Solutions.

The second opportunity is an entirely new media channel for your business. This new media channel gives you the ability to create and control highly targeted email campaigns that speak directly to you customers and employees. Discover External Marketing Solutions

External Marketing Solutions

A new owned media opportunity for your business

The Rocketseed platform offers easy-to-use options for deploying awareness and promotional campaigns via email with features including rotational, scheduled, triggered, and sequential banners.

Segmentation capabilities extend far beyond what is available with web banners, because both the recipient and sender are known, enabling Rocketseed to target campaigns down to an individual or group with specific needs.

Our range of email-based marketing solutions also includes planning and implementing centralised document distribution workflows, complex customer life-cycle campaigns, brand launches, and focused media optimisation, as well as many other projects that have helped our clients optimise their business and improve their marketing ROI

Brand & Signatures

Centralise control over your brand and how your company communicates brand image, as well as open a new media channel.

Triggered & Lifecycle Campaigns

Campaigns can be loaded and only launched with specific triggers. Pre/post purchase, loyalty, or even reward campaigns, can be automatically launched based on simple customer actions.

Smart Targeting

Ensure that the right recipient gets the right message in the right context. Target banners by sender, receiver, or groups and control exactly how each message is presented and received.

Email Banners Automation and Targeting Rules

Promote Events

Not only can you use the platform to promote events, but you can plug directly into our RSVP system so that any interest in an event can be directly channeled into the event RSVP track.

Drive Web Traffic

Rocketseed often ranks in the top three web traffic sources for our clients.

A/B Test Campaigns

Optimise your email media by testing ideas for campaigns before you run them on other platforms.

Share News & Social

The Rocketseed platform is perfect for content marketing, giving you a new channel for distributing your own content and linking directly to your social channels.

Internal Marketing Solutions

Inspire and align your staff to maximise your business potential.


It is critical that every consumer touch point is aligned with your brand promise and keeping your staff aligned, motivated, and invested in your brand promise is can be a major challenge.

Internal marketing is the solution to this problem, and it is for this reason that Rocketseed has developed one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of internal marketing on offer today. You can deliver comprehensive internal marketing messages to your staff without increasing the size of your marketing team or dramatically increasing your marketing budget.

These are a few of the solutions we have successfully deployed for our clients:

Brand Understanding

Ensure that employees understand your brand and buy into your brand purpose.

Competency Tests

Deploy and manage competency tests through email banners.

Reward & Recognise

Motivate staff with internal campaigns driving them to reward based goals and targets, and recognise natural leaders and performers.

Product Understanding

Give your employees the ability to intricately understand your products and the value these products deliver for your customers.

Induction Process

Create an automated drip-feed induction campaign that begins on a new recruit’s first day, introducing them to teams, delivering documents and highlighting critical information.

Email Banners Automation and Targeting Rules

Leadership Communication

Allow business thought leaders to communicate and interact with the entire business, about strategy, and changes within the business or industry sector, creating a more transparent environment that could increase trust and loyalty.

Reporting & Analytics

All of the information gathered from users and their interaction with email becomes part of a data resource, viewable through easy to use dashboards that you can use to mine insights that will help you deliver more effective campaigns and marketing ROI. Read more about our Analytics and Reporting options.

We can bring unique marketing enhancements to your business!