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Best Practice Design Tips 

What do we get asked about the most at Parrot Digital – Easy – Email Signature and Banner Design

Below you’ll find our recommended email signature and banner specs and best-practice design tips, so that whether you design your own or use our design services, your email signatures and banners will generate the best results with Rocketseed Email Management

Email Signature Dimensions

Signatures should be a maximum email signature width of 650 pixels and a maximum height of between 90 and 150 pixels.

Images within the signature design should be .PNG files with transparent backgrounds and should be designed to a web resolution of 72dpi to display correctly on 100% zoom view. While Rocketseed supports .JPG and .GIF images, with Dark Mode view becoming more prevalent, images with transparent backgrounds (i.e. PNGs) will better preserve the integrity of your design.

The email signature banner size file may not exceed 10kb (when optimized for web).

All email signatures will be converted to HTML, therefore you should use only ‘web safe’ system fonts in your design.

Email Signature Design Tips

Your email signature should embody your brand and engage your audience. Consistency is key, make sure your signatures are completely on brand with regard to colours, fonts and logos.

Make your signature ‘social’ by incorporating relevant social media icons to promote your social channels – but only those that you’re actively managing and regularly updating.  A link to a neglected social channel will only tarnish your brand and increase bounce rates.

Promote your newsletter sign-up form or blog in your signature. Use branded icons for the best results.  You can also take advantage of list builder, which comes as part of the offering from Rocketseed – to capture and manage sign-ups.

The key tip for all email signatures and email banner images is obvious (but often overlooked) – Keep all your contact details and calls to action clear and simple. Click here to check out some great email signature design ideas – Rocketseed Best Email Signatures.

Things to Note Whether Using Rocketseed Email Signature Software or Not

If you choose to use transparent backgrounds for images bear in mind that white, dark grey and black text may have rendering issues in either light or dark mode. Emails with images over the size of 15kb show the images as attachments in Google inboxes

Recommended Email Banner Specs

We recommend a maximum email banner width of 650 pixels and a maximum height of between 90 and 150 pixels when designing a header or footer.  This ensures that your email banner will be easily viewable in any preview pane or smartphone.

Headers and footers should be created as JPG, PNG or animated GIF files and should be designed to a web resolution of 72dpi to display correctly on 100% zoom view.

The email banner image file should be no larger than 40kb to ensure the additional ‘weight’ of the email is kept minimal.

Create Designs That Drive Click-Through

These simple design tips can really make your email banners ‘click’, and get your audience engaged, whilst boosting your marketing campaign:

  • Always include a compellingly clickable call to action
  • Make your email banner images crystal clear (never pixelated!) and completely on message with your campaign
Email Signature Banner - recommended dimensions

Or… Let Us Create a Bespoke Design for You

We design branded email signatures and banners that achieve great results for our clients. If you’d like us to take a look at your design brief, please
get in touch.

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