Solutions for HR

Automate the hard parts of HR

The biggest challenge with most internal business communications platforms is that very few employees actually engage with them. Rocketseed overcomes this challenge by making your messages a prominent part of your most critical business communication channel – email.

Every one-to-one email that is sent around your business can be configured to carry a banner, effectively communicating your objectives.

Rocketseed’s unique platform will support your communication throughout your business, with tools that can help you engage with employees and create focused conversations around recruitment, retention and motivation, skills and leadership development and embedding corporate culture.

Some of the examples of solutions we offer include:


Internal banners can be used as calls-to-action that announce internal training and upskilling options, linking directly through to existing training content. Banners can also be used to check in-post training and ensure that what has been learnt remains top-of-mind.


Rocketseed banners are the perfect way to announce internal positions, and they can even be configured to advertise positions externally. Are your employees communicating with your competitors? Why not add job postings to these emails to see if you can recruit their best?


Getting new employees embedded and optimally productive within your organisation is always a challenge. The Rocketseed platform allows you to create an automated communication track to drip-feed the most critical information to new employees. All interaction can be tracked so that you can view their engagement and step in to fill any gaps that may have been missed.

Company Policies

New company policies or even legislation can be quickly and easily distributed throughout your business. With legally-admissible, trackable downloads you can see exactly who has downloaded and read any document that you deliver.

Event RSVP’s

Rocketseed not only helps get people to your event, it also helps you build better profiles on your attendees and develop future events accordingly. Read more about our RSVP solutions here.

Staff ID Management

Managing staff details across any large organisation is a time- and resource-consuming effort. Rocketseed can alleviate this burden with automated self-administered staff detail management whereby staff are prompted to update their own details with manager approval.

Reporting & Analytics

We capture every open, read, click and send, providing you with an overview from the communication bottlenecks to the major influencers in your company, giving you insight into ways that you can optimise communication in your business.

Unlock the potential of your employee emails.