Parrot Digital Pty Limited – Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice provides details of the personal data we collect from you, what we do with it, how you might access it and who it might be shared with.

A number of Privacy Legislations across the globe have been or are in the process of being transposed into law and implemented in order to provide Data Subjects with greater transparency and more control over information collected from them. These regulations, including the Australian Privacy Principles (OAIC and PCO in NZ) contain provisions and requirements pertaining to the processing of personal data of individuals (Data Subjects) and requires enterprises to have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to keep the information safe. Collected information can be subdivided into personal data by which a person is identifiable (name, address, email, etc) and sensitive personal data, which adds granularity to an individual in terms of race, sexual orientation, political views etc. In order for Parrot Digital to provide excellent service to our customers, we need to collect data for business and tax purposes, which fall under the non-sensitive category and are outlined below in this Privacy Policy.

Our Contact Information (Data Controller)

Parrot Digital Pty Limited

Level 13
50 Carrington Street, Sydney
NSW 2000
Mobile: +61 410 505 920
Telephone: +61 2 8042 8441
Company Email:

What we do With Your Personal Data

Parrot Digital Pty Limited processes personal data only for the purpose for which they are collected. The purpose is dependent on whether the customer uses only our website, or additionally, our services. If our services are required, the customer has to register with us and we subsequently collect personal data for the provision of the service or the performance of the contract. We may use such personal data for other similar purposes, including marketing and communications, but that will only occur in the case we have the customer’s consent or another legal justification for doing so.

From our Customers / Clients we process and retain personal data for the following purposes and periods, with the applicable legal basis.

The processing of subject data is done for the purpose of contact management, sales and distribution of products and services, as well as for communication and marketing. These steps are required prior to a contract with the data subject, and retention of such data for what is required for tax and legal purposes.

What Personal Data do we Collect?

The personal data we collect depends on whether you just visit our website or use our services. If you visit our website, you do not need to provide us with any personal data. However, your browser transmits some data automatically, such as the date and time of retrieval of one of our web pages, your browser type and settings, your operating system, the last web page you visited, the data transmitted and the access status, and your IP address.

If you use our services, personal data is required to fulfill the requirements of a contractual or service relationship, which may exist between you and our organization.

We collect:

  • Financial Details
  • Identification Number
  • Location Information
  • Banking Details
  • Confidential Correspondence
  • Email, Social Networks
  • Name
  • Telephone contact details

Who Might we Share Your Personal Data With?

To maintain and improve our services, your personal data may need to be shared with or disclosed to service providers, other Controllers or, in some cases, public authorities. We may be mandated to disclose your personal data in response to requests from a court, police services or other regulatory bodies. Where feasible, we will consult with you prior to making such disclosure and, in order to protect your privacy, we will ensure that we will disclose only the minimum amount of your information necessary for the required purpose.

How do we Look After Personal Data?

We limit the amount of personal data collected only to what is fit for the purpose, as described above. We restrict, secure and control all of our information assets against unauthorised access, damage, loss or destruction; whether physical or electronic. We retain personal data only for as long as is described above, to respond to your requests, or longer if required by law. If we retain your personal data for historical or statistical purposes we ensure that the personal data cannot be used further. While in our possession, together with your assistance, we try to maintain the accuracy of your personal data.

How Can You Access Your Personal Data?

According to the Australian Privacy Principle 12 Data Subjects have the right to request access to any personal data we may hold. If any of that information is incorrect, it may be requested that we correct it (Principle 13). If we are improperly using the information, Data Subjects may request that we stop using it or even delete it completely with the right of erasure.

So long as the Access Request is reasonable and is not frivolous or vexatious, it can be requested from our company website.

Where the Data Subject has previously given consent to process personal data, they also have the right to request that we port or transfer that personal data to a different service provider or back to the Data Subject.

Where it may have been necessary to get consent to use personal data, at any moment, the Data Subject has the right to withdraw that consent. If consent is withdrawn, we will cease using that personal data without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before withdrawal.

Our Supervisory Authority

Data Subjects have the right to lodge a complaint with any Supervisory Authority. See our Supervisory Authority contact details below

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
+61 1300 363 992

Our Contact Information (Data Controller)

Parrot Digital Pty Ltd
Level 13, 50 Carrington Street
NSW 2000
+61 2 8042 8441

Email Newsletters

In our regular mailings, we use technology to help track interest in our features, to help us improve our service and the content we share with our subscribers.

Recipients of our newsletters have had to express a legitimate interest and has either;

  • Opted in to receive newsletters, or;
  • Established a clear business relationship or interest by being a customer

Our newsletter servers are mainly hosted in Australia, but a small number is in USA. European clients are covered by the Privacy Shield Framework that governs transfers of data between the EU and USA. This framework protects the fundamental rights of anyone in the EU whose personal data is transferred to the United States for commercial purposes. The framework, data protection amendments through GDPR, as well as steps taken by the server host which provides Tier 1 security premises, also extends for businesses relying on transatlantic data transfers.