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Rocketseed – company email signature management made simple

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Email Signatures

Professional and promotional email signatures give you company-wide consistency and complete central control over your brand image, whilst interactive elements are proven to encourage recipient engagement and ROI.

Email Banners

Eye-catching and interactive, branded banners make an immediate impact on every email, with clickable calls-to-action driving website and social media traffic, and banner campaigns guiding recipients through the customer journey.

Email Newsletters

Creative and commercial, email newsletters showcase your business’s latest news, promotions and upcoming events, with each newsletter simple to design and tailor to your target audience, with full campaigns easy to manage and measure.


  • You’ll achieve extra impact and engagement. Our signatures are professional, on-brand and display perfectly on every device.
  • You’re guaranteed company-wide consistency via centralised control
  • You’ll maximise your email’s marketing. Run banner campaigns with clickable calls to action and advanced segmentation.
  • You’ll receive stand-out service – from creative design and campaign management to results reporting and analysis.
  • You can trust our tech. Set-up is simple whatever your mail server, it’s 100% secure and optimised for Office 365, GSuite and Exchange.
  • You’ll see real results. Rocketseed is proven for businesses large and small. Drive click-through conversion and ROI.

Rocketseed is optimised for

Full-service email signature marketing


Design makes all the difference. Simply use one of our no-html-required templates or give us a brief and our designers will create the most impactful and engaging branded email signature to build your business.


Take the stress out of campaign planning and management. Our experienced account management team are on-hand to plan and manage the best email marketing campaign to meet your exact business objectives.


Identify exactly what delivers results. We measure the performance of every branded email – every open and click-through, and report insights to maximise conversion and your email marketing success.


Increase ROI from your existing CRM. Rocketseed integrates with your CRM, including Salesforce, to help you grow your customer database and to provide customer insights through their engagement with email.

Key Features


Our email marketing and technical experts are always on-hand to help, easily contacted by phone and email


Ensures your branded email signature displays as desired on every type of mobile device


Automatically eliminate unused data fields to keep contact details streamlined in every email signature

A/D Sync

Automatically update all employee contact details by simply synchronising email signature software with Active Directory


Stay covered and compliant by adding a dynamic legal disclaimer to every employee email signature


Drive traffic to your most effective social media channels through icon links automatically inserted by our email signature software


Assign specific banners to certain senders and recipients, activated by a campaign schedule or trigger event


Rocketseed datacentres are in ISO27001/SSAE-16 certified locations assuring you of the highest security storage standards for your data

What Our Clients Say About Us

“ A sale worth £150,000 was achieved through the Rocketseed banner.”

Tony Ash, Global Managing Director


“Rocketseed’s technical staff worked tirelessly to meet the Bank’s stringent IT integration requirements.”

Renato Barro – Infrastructure Project Manager

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“Our key priority was aligning our emails with our brand whilst showcasing what our hotel has to offer.”

Joi Izilein, Marketing Manager

The Ritz London

Empower your email to build your business and brand