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Parrot Digital is the Exclusive Partner of Rocketseed
for Australia and New Zealand

Every email signature is an opportunity. Unlock the power of that opportunity with Rocketseed’s secure, centralised signature management software, with smart features built for every department.

  • Mobile-optimised to display perfectly on any device.
  • Fully customisable HTML signature builder and dynamic disclaimers.
  • Local 24/7 Australia & NZ Support Team.
  • One-click Google Analytics UTM tracking codes, and built-in tracking and CRM integration.
  • Intuitive browser-based UI, no software downloads required.
  • Secure IT cloud or on-premise solutions.

Trusted by Enterprises and SME Clients Globally

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Key Features

Custom Design

Choose a Rocketseed email signature template and use the built-in editor to build your signature. Or ask our design team to create and implement a bespoke signature design unique to your company.

Simple Setup

Rocketseed signatures are compatible with all email clients and devices, mobile friendly and are always kept super secure.

Central Control

Centrally control company signatures through the Rocketseed browser-based intuitive interface which requires no installations or downloads. Or connect with Azure AD or Google Directory for all user contact details.

Stand-Out Service 24/7

Parrot Digital’s Australia & NZ Account Managers and IT Team support you at every step.

Actionable Insights

Rocketseed captures, analyses & reports every click so you can measure success. Optional integration with your CRM.

Smart Segmentation

Assign different email signatures and banners to each of your brands, departments or individuals.

We’re Here to Help You

Email Signature Design

Talk to us about creating your new signature. Our Design Team can customise your new HTML signature to wow your email recipients. We’ll make sure it is mobile compliant and also take care of the implementation for you.

Smart Features for Every Department


Centrally control your company’s email signatures with Rocketseed. Simple to set up and easy to use. Instantly make changes to signatures or automatically update your employee’s details by synchronizing with AzureAD or Google Directory. Access to email reports for proof of send and delivery.


Transform your most used business communication tool, every day email, into a creative and cost-effective marketing channel that delivers ROI. Achieve consistent branding company-wide that is integrated with the wider marketing strategy, run targeted marketing banner campaigns, and track every click to measure success with real time reporting. Compare campaign performance, identity trends and get actionable insights.

Customer Service

Evaluate and optimise your company’s customer service with a variety of Rocketseed tools and solutions. Run one-click customer survey banners to gain valuable customer feedback, create tailored customer journey banner campaigns, trigger additional campaigns reflecting responsive customer service, and integrate your CRM to capture new customer data with every email sent.

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Sales Lead Generation

Drive leads with Rocketseed, by maximising every one-to-one email your business sends with campaign banners featuring strong call to action or promotional information. Messages can be automated and targeted to ensure that every potential lead receives the right message at the right time. Capture valuable data from interactions with potential leads by integrating Rocketseed with your CRM, ensuring that you have a complete picture of the leads potential and needs. Read Alerts notify you when a recipient has viewed your email.

Internal Communications

Keep your staff informed and engaged with Rocketseed Banners. Update them on important company announcements, easily distribute new company policies or important documents, inform them on open job vacancies, or run interactive one-click staff survey banners. Track and review engagement to understand HR communication successes.

Legal & Compliance

Protect your business and your brand by ensuring your signatures are tamper proof and brand compliant with complete centralised control. Add dynamic disclaimers to every email your company sends with the option to apply different disclaimers across different departments in your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“A sale worth £150,000 was achieved through the Rocketseed banner.”

Tony Ash
Global Managing Director


“Rocketseed’s technical staff worked tirelessly to meet the Bank’s stringent IT integration requirements.”

Renato Barro
Infrastructure Project Manager


“Our key priority was aligning our emails with our brand whilst showcasing what our hotel has to offer.”

Joi Izilein
Marketing Manager