Rocketseed App for Salesforce

Improve Conversion & Generate New Leads

Rocketseed email media enables businesses to leverage the marketing potential of their employee email. But now, there is even more opportunity to drive sales and develop a new revenue stream for your business.

We’re really proud of our new app which integrates the power of Rocketseed with Salesforce and gives you a whole new way to improve sales conversion and generate leads for your business.

Email Media and Salesforce: New Insights on Your Customers


The Rocketseed App helps you gain leads and insights from the many thousands of one-on-one email communications with customers that are currently taking place outside your CRM.

It works with all major email clients, and means that your emails can now help improve sales. With our Salesforce integration, each time your customer clicks on a relevant sales message added to your email by Rocketseed, this will now generate an alert within the customer’s contact profile in Salesforce.

Rocketseed helps you improve sales conversion and gives you a competitive advantage by bringing you new customer insights right where you need them – in Salesforce.

Gain new insights and improve conversion and upselling

The new insights you can get on your customers include:

  • which campaign interested them,
  • which product or service links were clicked on
  • downloads of brochure or whitepaper
  • how do they rate your products or services
  • the time when they are thinking about your products

What people have said :

OnlyDental WebmasterExcellent for leads…and contacts!

“Implementing the Rocketseed application on Salesforce allowed us to have immediate visibility of email banner links a contact or lead clicked on. This empowers the salesperson to have a view of the interests of the contact or lead. We found the automated lead creation especially helpful. Overall, the application succeeded remarkably to integrate the use of Rocketseed into the Salesforce world”


Email Media and Salesforce: Gain New Leads

Research estimates that 50-60% of people that a business corresponds with personally are not ‘on the database’. Imagine then, just how many email conversations could be happening across your business with potential customers, for example from customer services, where the information is never passed on to sales.

With our app, product and sales messages can be added to emails sent by all employees – not just sales teams. In the event that a new potential customer clicks on one of these messages, and they are not already loaded as a contact in Salesforce, a Rocketseed Lead Alert is generated in real-time ready for sales to follow up.

These alerts will include details of what product or service the prospect was interested in, and where the lead came from in your organisation.

The result? You get more leads for less effort.

Choose the Right Sales Message for Your Customer

The beauty of Rocketseed email media is that it applies sales messages automatically, so there is no extra effort involved. But there may also be times when you want a customer to see a specific message. When sending emails from Salesforce, the Rocketseed app enables you to pre-select the right banner for your customer from the latest campaigns giving you personal control.

Sell Smarter with Rocketseed Email Media


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