Launching Rocketseed in Your Business

Rocketseed offers a testing system to help support the launch of email branding to your employees.

Once Rocketseed has been enabled for your company, any employee who wants to see what email signature or banner will be added to their email can send a test message to

TIP: If you are using the keyword functionality to designate which banner is applied to your email, this will also give you a way to double-check that you have the right keyword or that the banner is still live before you send it to your contact

A reply will come back to your inbox, showing an example of the branding that has been applied to their email and how that email will appear  for recipient’s.

You will see from the reply email that the designated banner has been applied, and that the keyword text has been stripped out from the subject line.

TIP: This is also a way to confirm that the signature data populated is correct and complete

If multiple campaigns have been assigned, the example will show one of the campaigns picked at random.

As you change your campaigns throughout the year, this branding test service can be used at any time by employees wanting to see their updated messaging.