New  Customer  Setup


Parrot Digital has a simple 5 step process to collect all the right information to activate your service.

As you submit each form you’ll receive an email to confirm receipt and tell you when to take the next step. Generally, we can do the whole process in a week but it depends on how quickly you want to go. If you need any help with filling in any of the forms email or call our support team in your region.

Step 1. Technical

There are 2 forms for you, or your IT/Technical support, to complete. We need your email set up details and we need you to create a new DNS CNAME record for your email domains.

Technical Setup
DNS Change Instructions 

If your company has a DKIM policy and would like to include Rocketseed into the DKIM settings, please contact They will provide you with the relevant public key and update your Rocketseed settings to include DKIM on your behalf.

Step 2. Marketing

Now we need the details for the marketing side of the service. This covers your branding requirements, disclaimer information, alert notifications, and analytics & reporting requirements.

Marketing Setup

Step 3. Senders

Now we need to know about your team; their email addresses, contact details, profile shots and all the links each individual will have in their signature.

If you have selected to use our Sender Data Sync Tools in the Technical Setup form, you will not need to complete the sender data csv file.

Once your senders’ signature data list is completed please send to

Senders’ Signature Data – Click on the link to download the csv file

Step 4. Routing & Testing

OK, nearly there. Now you need to route your emails to our server so we can add the branding. It will depend on the Email Client you are using. You might like to get your IT or Technical support involved here.  We also have a tool you can use to test your Rocketseed emails.

Routing Instructions
Testing Instructions

Step 5. Go Live

Set up complete and all emails will now be consistently branded and carry your selected messages. Let everyone know and remember anyone who wants to view their branding can do so with the testing system.

Australia & New Zealand
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