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    1. Contact Details

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    2. Required Branding Elements

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    3. Alerts and Notifications

    Please indicate below which silent alerts you want to have activated and who should receive them.
    Rocketseed enables you to receive alerts every time somebody interacts with your branding and/or opens one of your everyday one-to-one Emails, without them having to do anything (silent). Those alerts can either be directed back to the sender of the respective Email, as well as to one or multiple alternate Email addresses, or even both, if required.

    4. Google Analytics Tracking

    Activating Google Analytics tracking on each link to your website, will allow you to track the traffic to your website generated by your Rocketseed branding. We're utilising the utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign variables, which will be populated dynamically with details from the template that holds the link/tracker.

    5. Email Disclaimer Copy

    This is only applicable if you wish to use the Disclaimer feature in your Rocketseed branding.

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