Centrally manage Office 365 signatures via the Cloud

Cloud-based Signatures

Rocketseed applies your branded email signatures within the same Azure Cloud environment as your Office 365 mail operates, offering “work from anywhere” flexibility and security without the need to purchase any additional hardware.

Our interactive and tamper-proof templates deliver email signatures and personalised legal disclaimers consistently between desktop and mobile, giving you centralised control and the option to sync with Active Directory.

How it Works

Set up your Rocketseed branding using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface. Your mail connects using Office 365 connectors to the Rocketseed branding engine where the branding is applied.  The branded mail is then securely resubmitted to Office 365 via a closed loop for final delivery.

Benefits & Features

  • Manage your signatures with ease across all major email clients including MS Exchange,  Office 365, & Google Apps
  • Dynamic personalised fields keep your design sharp by automatically removing any unused fields.
  • Centrally-controlled and tamper-proof signatures to deliver and improve your brand image with every communication
  • Optional sync with Active Directory to ensure changes to employee contact details are automatically updated
  • Legal disclaimers easily  applied to all of your emails ensuring legal compliance
  • Segmentation allows you to target by brand, department or even individual.


Rocketseed emails are tested to render correctly on the broadest range of mail clients and mobile devices. We strive to ensure that all branding elements included in your Office 365 email will appear as the marketing designer intended on all email platforms.

In addition to ensuring that branding looks correct in original messages, we test against combinations of all email clients. This ensures that when a branded mail is forwarded the branding maintains the correct appearance.


  • The Rocketseed Azure hosted branding appliances are kept up to the most recent patch level for the operating system and software components
  • The internal software undergoes security audits and thorough penetration testing on a regular basis
  • All email conversations are done via secure TLS encrypted communication
  • The user interface is accessed using a secure (https) connection
  • The user interface has granular role-based access levels




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