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Take the stress out of managing your email signature, banner and newsletter campaigns

Email Marketing Management Services from Rocketseed

Parrot Digital’s service sets us apart.  Let our experts take the hassle out of planning, managing and monitoring your email marketing campaigns. With over 15 years’ experience in email marketing management, Rocketseed knows the best features and functionality to use when getting your campaigns to convert, and our dedicated teams in 4 regional offices across the globe are always on-hand to help.

From creative design and campaign planning to results reporting and analysis, we work with you to ensure that every stage of your email marketing campaign management is simple, stress free, and delivers exactly the marketing results and ROI you desire.

In the right hands, email signatures, banners and newsletters are exceptionally effective marketing channels.

But whose hands are the right hands?

As a Rocketseed client you’ll be assigned an account manager and can choose from a range of account management package options.

Your account manager is much more than simply a point of contact. They are your campaign manager and, understanding your brand and your business objectives, will work with you to plan and implement both strategic and tactical elements of an email marketing campaign and, of course, are always on hand to help.

Your Parrot Digital account manager

Understands your brand and business

Your email account manager is effectively an extra member of your marketing team who makes it their business to understand your business inside-out – your objectives, customers, challenges and competition – ensuring their campaign management recommendations are always on-brand and on-target.

Works directly to your brief

Simply tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll work directly to your brief to plan the most effective email marketing campaign that gives you brand impact and customer engagement through every email. This campaign manangement spans everything from signature design and banner scheduling to results reporting and analysis.

Knows what works and what doesn’t

Whilst superficially simple, everyday email presents its own specific opportunities and challenges as a marketing channel, so specialist experience of email branding is invaluable. In reviewing your campaign brief, your account manager gives you all the objectivity of an experienced ‘outsider’ with all commitment of an ‘insider’ to achieving your goals.

Makes your campaign concept compelling

Whether adapting your existing brand creative or creating a new concept, your account manager is completely focused on you and your customers, developing email branding campaigns that are eye-catching, with a clear and clickable ‘call to action’.

Talks tech (so you don’t have to)

Confident with coding and talking ‘tech’, your account manager briefs the techies who make it all happen, never losing sight of your objectives and ensuring that you can focus on the campaign’s commercial effectiveness with no need for coding concerns.

Ensures campaign stays on-brand and on-message

Your account manager makes sure that your campaign stays engaging, suggesting design and message changes as well as refining targeting and scheduling. They will also ensure that, based on client instruction, all user details are kept current and correct.

Measures results and make recommendations

By drilling down into your branding analytics, your account manager can report revealing customer insights, keeping you fully up-to date with how your email branding campaign is performing and can make objective campaign management recommendations based on the results.

Keeps your email branding ahead of the curve

As with every marketing channel, email branding is constantly changing with new functional and integrative capabilities, creative possibilities and customer engagement opportunities. The email account manager’s expertise will ensure that your email branding campaign is at the front of your customer’s mind, ahead of the competition, and ahead of the curve!

Parrot Digital offers a range of campaign management and admin packages, to meet client’s varying design, planning, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Effective email marketing management can prove invaluable in achieving outstanding commercial results for clients through the power of everyday business email.

To put this power into your email marketing campaigns, talk to the Email Account Managers at Parrot Digital.

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