Become a partner and open up a whole new marketing channel for your clients

Every email a company sends has the potential to generate sales leads, deliver content, drive website traffic, build social media channels and build the brand.
Why is everyday email so powerful?

Acquiring new customers, creating differentiation in the marketplace and effectively getting the message to market, continue to be the top major challenges faced by senior Australian marketers within commercial organisations.

Rocketseed brands every outbound email with tamperproof signatures and banners that display perfectly in every email on every device. Here is why you need to download this.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Why everyday email is your most under-utilised channel for marketing
  • How Rocketseed drove 25% more traffic to Konica Minolta
  • The Benefits of being a Rocketseed Partner
  • How to thrill your clients with better ROI’s on each campaign you run for them
  • How Australian Marketers are using Rocketseed employee email marketing
  • How to build Rocketseed into your Agency solution

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