“The Account Management teams, expert advice and speed of service has helped us continually improve our results”

Gavin McBride, Head of Trade Marketing


Email Signatures

Professional and profile-building, email signatures give you business-wide consistency and control over your brand image, whilst interactive elements encourage engagement.

Email Banners

Eye-catching and interactive, email banners drive recipients to your website and social media, generating brand awareness, direct response and successful sales.

Email Newsletters

Creative and commercial, email newsletters showcase your business’s news, promotions and upcoming events, with full campaigns easy to manage and measure.

Professional, cloud based email signatures for Office 365, G Suite and Exchange give you consistency and control over your brand image, whilst interactive elements encourage engagement.

  • Make every employee email an engaging opportunity
  • Design creatively with a clear, clickable ‘call to action’
  • Create and control centrally, and change in an instant
  • Tailor to specific senders and target recipient groups
  • Performs perfectly across all email platforms and devices
  • Manage, measure and maximise your email’s potential
  • Compatible with Office 365, G Suite and Exchange

Every email your business sends has huge potential – potential to build your brand, to drive sales leads, to direct recipients to your website and social media, and to strengthen your customer relationships.

Welcome to Rocketseed where everything starts with email …

Our products

Built in 2001 and continually refined over the last 15 years to provide you with the best email banners, signatures, and newsletters. Our products are powerful, flexible and designed to help you get greater response and results from your everyday email.

Our services

The best products are supported by the smartest people. Our experts provide a range of services, from creative design and campaign management to results reporting and analysis, to help you unlock the full potential of the Rocketseed platform for your business.

Konica Minolta Case Study

  • Directly driving 25% more website traffic
  • Building the brand through email banners
  • Engaging prospects and existing customers
  • Personalising targeted promotional messages
  • Capturing attention in a competitive environment
  • Simple to implement and now self-sufficient

What Our Clients Say About Us

“ A sale worth £150,000 was achieved through the Rocketseed banner; if we had just sent a plain email, we would not have won the order.”

Tony Ash, Global Managing Director


“Rocketseed’s technical staff worked tirelessly to meet the Bank’s stringent IT integration requirements and have provided timely technical support post implementation.”

Renato Barro – Infrastructure Project Manager, Technology Services

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“Our key priority was aligning our emails with our brand whilst showcasing what our hotel has to offer and Rocketseed has helped us achieve that.”

Joi Izilein, Marketing Manager

The Ritz London