Office 365  Signature  Manager

 Centrally Create and Manage Office 365 Email Signatures via the Cloud

Rocketseed’s Office 365 Email Signature Generator for Outlook puts you in complete control

Rocketseed’s Office 365 Email Signature Manager for Outlook puts you in complete control of your organisation’s email signatures so that you can consistently deliver your brand compliant email signatures company-wide, all day, every day. Our Office 356 signature solution works within the same Azure Cloud environment as your Office 365, offering ‘work from anywhere’ flexibility and security without the need to purchase any additional hardware. Just as it has successfully done with exchange email signature management over the past few years, Rocketseed email signatures are now available for Outlook on Office 365 too.

Our browser-based user interface lets you centrally create and manage email signatures for any user in your organisation sending email from any device.

With Rocketseed Office 365 Email Signature Manager Software you can…

  • Give all employees using Office 365 an on-brand professional and promotional Outlook signature on every email they send from any device.
  • Centrally control all Office 365 company signatures through our browser-based interface, requiring no installations or downloads.
  • Design your Outlook signature using our Rocketseed Office 365 signature editor or brief our design services for a bespoke design for your brand.
  • Embed images directly in your Outlook email signatures so they always display perfectly to the recipient, and also centrally add individual user photographs to make your signatures even more personal.
  • Keep all employee Outlook email signatures updated and looking sharp.
  • Assign different email signatures to different departments and individuals.
  • Make your email signatures a high-value marketing channel by adding precision-targeted marketing campaign banners with clickable calls to action.
  • Keep your signatures legally compliant with dynamic disclaimers.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your signatures are completely compatible with all email clients and devices and are always kept super-secure.
  • i.e include all the benefits of exchange server signature management provided by Rocketseed

Drive engagement through every email with Rocketseed

How it Works

Rocketseed Office 365 Signature Manager and exchange online signature management is set up using a secure, access-controlled web-based user interface with internet mail connectors within your Office365 environment enabling your mails to route through the Rocketseed cloud for branding.

The branded mail is then securely resubmitted to Office 365 via a closed SMTP loop. This means that even though your email is being branded by Rocketseed, it doesn’t leave the secure Azure cloud environment before final delivery.

Office 365 – It’s better with Rocketseed

Of course you could simply use Office 365 with Exchange online. But, when it comes to creating and managing email signatures, Office 365 on its own has serious limitations. For example:

  • You can’t place an email signature directly under a reply
  • You can’t directly embed html images in your signature
  • HTML email signature designs have to be copied and pasted into the Office 365 disclaimer editor
  • Some Office 365-generated HTML content is unlikely to display properly when sent from mobile devices
  • You can’t remove unused fields in your signature or automatically incorporate users photos
  • You can only segment signatures to different departments and individuals with complex transport rules
  • And you need to be careful with other signature solutions as many struggle to work properly on Office 365
Office 365 / Exchange Signature Example

So, Office 365 is clearly better with Rocketseed Office 365 Signature Manager…

Office 365Rocketseed
Allows entry of HTML
Include Office 365 Directory details
HTML signature editor
Embed or reference images
Assign signatures by group without additional rules
Add signature under most recent reply
HTML signatures on mobiles
Hide empty contact detail fields
Preview signature while editing
Add user photo in signature
Apply signature with disclaimer based on time and date

Benefits & Features

Complete Control

Rocketseed gives you complete control, so you can centrally create, update and manage all of your organisation’s Office 365 corporate email signatures from any web-enabled device. This control, coupled with tamper-proof signature security, ensures brand consistency across all employee email and lets you apply bulk updates to organisation-wide.

Ultra-intuitive User Interface

The Rocketseed Office 365 signature manager interface is intuitive and user-friendly in the same way as it is for exchange email signature management, so email signature management need no longer be the preserve of your IT administrators and can become a valuable branded marketing channel.

Complete Compatibility

Rocketseed emails are tested to render correctly on the broadest range of email clients and mobile devices. We strive to ensure that all branding in your Office 365 company signatures email will appear as the marketing designer intended on all email platforms. We also test against combinations of all email clients to ensure the branding maintains the correct appearance.

Automatic updates with AD sync

The optional sync with Active Directory ensures that any changes to employee contact details within Office 365 company signatures are automatically updated. This means that if your job title changes in your company’s Active Directory system then these changes will automatically apply.

Image Conscious

With Rocketseed Office 365 signature manager you directly embed images into your organisation’s email signatures so they will always appear to the recipient just as you intended. What’s more you can image map so that multiple clickable calls-to-action can be incorporated in a single email signature banner – ideal for surveys, ratings and videos etc.

Mobile Optimised

Rocketseed Office 365 company email signatures are mobile-optimised, performing perfectly when sent from or received on mobile devices. We test, test and test some more across a range of the most popular devices so your signature and banner sizes automatically adjust to ensure easy readability and consistent design, whether on laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Super-secure Signatures

The Rocketseed Azure-hosted branding appliances are kept up to the most recent patch level for the operating system, and the internal software undergoes security audits and thorough penetration testing on a regular basis.  All email conversations are conducted via secure TLS encrypted communication and the user interface has granular role-based access levels, using secure (https) connections.

Sharp Design

Design can make all the difference to email signature impact and engagement. With Rocketseed you can design your Office 365 corporate signature from one of our templates, without needing any html experience. Or let our design service take that on for you to create the perfect bespoke signature. Rocketseed also allows you to automatically update contact details directly from your Office 365 Directory.


It’s easy to introduce segmentation rules that allow you to assign certain signature formats to specific sender group, be they different departments or even individuals.

Completely Compliant

Add legal disclaimers to Office 365 company email signature to keep your organisation compliant, with dynamic fields enabling you to automatically add sender and recipient details.

Appear under most recent reply

The Rocketseed branding engine has sophisticated rules to ensure that your email signature will always appear exactly where you want it.

Moving to the Cloud?

During the transition period from full on-site to cloud, many ISPs and businesses employ a ‘hybrid’ solution (part on-site and part cloud) and, with this in mind, Rocketseed works in all three environments (i.e. full on-site, hybrid and full Cloud), so rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ solution, Rocketseed delivers exactly what you need. You can start with exchange server signature management using Rocketseed and then progress to a hybrid model seamlessly.

Get a company-wide signature with Rocketseed for Office 365