Marketing to Millennials? Don’t Overlook this Valuable Marketing Tool

You may be missing out on a valuable marketing channel to reach your Millennial audience.

While social media, word of mouth and online advertising play an important role in reaching the elusive Millennial market; many businesses overlook a simple but essential channel:

Everyday Email.

You may ask: But do the younger generation even use email much these days?

Email has shifted from a social platform to a business based form of communication. While the younger generation use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for their social interaction and exposure to brands, email still plays an important part in their customer journey.

Typically, Millennials receive most emails from:

  •  Travel Agents
  • Universities
  • Home loans
  • Car loans
  • Hotels
  • Banking and Insurance companies
  • Online Stores

The takeaway: Millennials get a LOT of emails every day from businesses that undersand the need to have a professional email signature. However, they are not aware of software they could use to further engage and connect with this audience to cross and upsell.

One idea to achieve this is through a simple email banner.  Rocketseed software, an email signature generator software, also allows businesses to embed a banner on their emails and even target specific banners to certain audiences (Scroll to the bottom for some examples!).

These banners can be about other products or services the customer may be interested in, important upcoming events, informing of a new product or service and more. As an extra bonus, Rocketseed software integrates with your CRM to notify your business of what your millennials are interested in so you can get back to them ASAP – they do expect a speedy response.

It’s time to start leveraging one of the most basic but fundamental channels that Millennials still use: Everyday Email

Check out some of these examples of how we can maximise your everyday email as a marketing channel by embedding some great banners:

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